High impact talks on success and personal development

Inspirational Talks

Motivational and awareness talks on preparation, teamwork, achieving success, and personal growth through adventure, challenge and pushing boundaries

Inspiring Talks

Exciting opportunities for young learners to hear from one of Britain’s top ocean racers and experience the powerful words and on board footage of extreme oceanic adventures.

Opening the eyes of students into a world of pushing boundaries, survival and ultimate competition. Teaching young learners the importance of adapting to turbulent environments, coping and making the best of challenging situations.

Competing thousands of miles from land, offshore racing forces skippers to solve problems in complete isolation. Reflecting on problems of offshore races in the aftermath of Atlantic storms provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with an exciting example of the importance of problem solving in life.

Learning outcomes:

  • Looking at problems as opportunities, not set-backs
  • Setting agile, realistic and achievable objectives
  • Forming solutions to move forward
  • Making efficient use out of limited resources
  • Self-development, avoiding complacency and never giving up
  • Preparation
  • Prioritising actions
  • Hard work leads to success
“It was amazing to hear about Phil’s adventures on the open sea. It certainly inspired some of our youngsters and the links in the key messages were clear and pitched just right for the audience.”

Nathalie Le Barz, Chair of Young Enterprise Jersey
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