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Racing in the worlds most successful non-stop transatlantic race from St Malo to Guadeloupe and single-handed. Send Phil a message of support as he takes on over 3,550 miles of ocean challenges.

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  1. Chip Scott 30/11/2018 at 15:40

    More congratulations Phil on getting the overall Class 40 Championship for the second year running with 858 points. To beat Aymeric in Aïna by over 130 points in the year cements your position as the Top Class 40 Man in the World….. A hearty well done indeed…. Next is the Vendee…..!

  2. Imogen Hesford 23/11/2018 at 09:36

    A huge congratulations from 5H! We have so enjoyed following your amazing journey.

  3. Year 9 - 406 Erasmus - College Edmond Bambuck 23/11/2018 at 00:04

    Hi Phil,

    Welcome to Guadeloupe!!

    Congratulations for your race!! You did a very good job. A few of us came to see you on Tuesday night, following your arrival by boat or taking pictures and taking the opportunity to speak with you once you had arrived at 10.55pm. It was really great!
    We hope our whole class will be able to see you and talk to you once you’ve rested!


    College Edmond Bambuck, Gosier, Guadeloupe

  4. Jocki 22/11/2018 at 12:03

    Congratulations, Phil, that`s awesome! You deserve it!
    See ya at SR 2019.


  5. Mark Hield 21/11/2018 at 19:45

    Congratulations on a podium finish, you certainly worked for it! here’s to Vendee Globe 2020?

  6. Chip Scott 21/11/2018 at 14:41

    Phil – heartiest congratulations to you – an epic achievement…. to get a podium finish against newer and faster boats is testament to you, your abilities and strategy, and to your support team. Additionally to have done this with all your technical problems particularly your errant autopilots which caused you endless broaches and lack of sleep is nothing short of remarkable. Time for that IMOCA Phil….! “Chapeaux” to you, enjoy some richly deserved R&R, look forward to a beer sometime when you finally get back to Jersey.

  7. Brian and Pam 21/11/2018 at 10:18

    What a challenge and yet podium position again! Well done and our heartiest congratulations on such an achievement in those sleep deprived conditions.
    We do indeed have the rum bottle out! – CHEERS Phil!!

  8. Alex Lassoued 21/11/2018 at 09:39

    Mate. Dead proud. Even the neighbours know and they don’t even sail!
    Sure you could have got first if it wasn’t for the auto pilot. Great determination. Enjoy the cocktails!

  9. Simon Gould 21/11/2018 at 08:57

    Well done Phil! Heroic result! We can only imagine, watching from the safety of Jersey, how tough this must have been!

  10. Bill Harris 21/11/2018 at 08:49

    G;day Phil, What a really gripping finish! Very well done for a race well raced and many congratulations on getting your feet on the very well merited podium again! That was a master class! Problems faced, problems overcome, tout seul! Amazing! Enjoy Guadeloupe!


  11. JLC 21/11/2018 at 07:09

    Congratulation for this 3rd place! That was a close finish after 16 days at sea! Enjoy the rum for us!

  12. Rich 21/11/2018 at 06:31

    Congratulations Phil – third place is fantastic. Amazing feet of sailing given the challenges presented…and you missed the rocks!! Very well done and thank you for the updates. Enjoy the rum!

  13. Tod Yankee 21/11/2018 at 03:43

    Good show, Phil! We watched you the entire way. A well deserved congratulations.

  14. Kathryn Healey 21/11/2018 at 01:57

    Hey Phil
    Keep racing towards the Rum .
    You are doing so well and we are very proud of our British Sailor.
    Huge Respect !
    Really enjoying the Tweets ..keep them coming

  15. Anonymous 20/11/2018 at 22:55

    COME ON PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep pushing!!!!! he is spitting distance away!!!!!……… GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  16. evariste 20/11/2018 at 20:38

    Finish in 3 or 4 hours and you’re only 1% off Yoann, great sailing, great cause.

  17. Cord 20/11/2018 at 20:08

    You‘ve done an incredible job so far. Really impressed by your performance. Keep pushing hard, enjoy the final miles and above all, arrive safely

  18. Tom Avery 20/11/2018 at 19:28

    Finish strong matey, awesome race. Imagine the Vendee with a new and Carbon Zero ride ⛵️

  19. JLC 20/11/2018 at 18:26

    I send you all my strength to a grant finish!

  20. Hugues 20/11/2018 at 18:26

    Common mate almost there!! You have an amazing support from the fan base just look at how many messages are coming through, it shows how this sport is changing and how much easier it is to follow these races via social media. Only a few miles left and it’s going to be intense, you’ve done a great race but you have to fight to the end, then you can rest and recover until your next challenge. Circle of life, one race at a time! Take care and do your best!

  21. Chris G 20/11/2018 at 16:31

    Home stretch mate! Have been watching all the way, seriously impressive. Keep it up!

  22. Mark Ellison 20/11/2018 at 14:16

    Almost there now
    The trick to sailing down the leeward coast of Guadeloupe is to stay in really close or way far out. The mushy middle ca be trying! (I did it a few times in a mini 6.5)
    Fair winds for the finish.

  23. Federico Mantaci 20/11/2018 at 13:30

    Go Phil! You are doing such a great race from the start, so fair winds and good luck with the finish!
    Federico (from Italy)

  24. Moses Vitalis 20/11/2018 at 12:59

    Hi Phil,Moses Vitalis (Burberry boat cruise) from Nigeria have been following your racing and I can tell that your efforts are motivational and the entire water community over here are wishing u a successful arrival at RDR2018.. sail safe stay firm

  25. Caroline 20/11/2018 at 12:01

    An epic sail – what a hero! May you have all the luck with the breezes behind Guadeloupe and give us armchair sailors a nail-biting finish! Sending you all the best possible wishes from a grey and cold Chichester Harbour.

  26. Chip Scott 20/11/2018 at 01:04

    Hi Phil – Jersey calling – have been keeping track of your amazing progress in what has been a hugely tough RdR – with weather that caused many of your fellow competitors to run for cover – over thirty retirements – loads of folk here ro(u)ting [sic] for you – the whole of the Jersey boating community is behind you. Keep up all your good work and we’ll all watch your arrival – as you know, the last few miles into Guadeloupe can be a fickle experience, anything could happen to the opposition – keep pushing…..look what happened with the Ultimes and Joyon/Gabard …. All best aye Chip – PS Just in case you might have forgotten what one looks like …. do you have that ridiculous inflatable palm tree on board …..?!

  27. Alex Lassoued 20/11/2018 at 00:53

    Bring me my bow of burning gold!
    Bring me my arrows of desire!
    Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire!
    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England’s green and pleasant land.

  28. Victoria McAllister 19/11/2018 at 23:40

    Rum & gingerbeer? Counting down the hours b4 your back on land. Keep going for the finnish line…. We’re all cheering you on.

  29. Jackie Blewett 19/11/2018 at 21:16

    Nearly there!! Keep going Phil and make sure Hender wins the port! Not long now. You’re an absolute hero. Jackie B

  30. Bill Harris 19/11/2018 at 21:06

    Wishing you all the very best for the final push, Phil. What an amazing race, thrilling to the wire. Well done, speed on!!!


  31. Hender 19/11/2018 at 21:04

    Phil keep up the brilliant work, you’ve sailed a blinder, its not done until you cross the line. Don’t have a lie in.

  32. William Hartwell 19/11/2018 at 20:55

    Well done Phil in maintaining your second place, especially in your ‘old’ boat! Constantly following your excellent progress, just don’t fall asleep too close to landfall! Your final miles will be quite a ‘cliffhanger’ pun not really intended, but guaranteed to be exciting!
    So best of luck and enjoy your finish!
    Marvelling at your tenacity and concentration,
    Bons vents, William Hartwell

  33. John Du Feu 19/11/2018 at 19:20

    Well done Phil from your old maths teacher. It has been great following your progress on the website. Not far to go now so hang in there and then a celebration and a good night’s sleep.

  34. Peter 19/11/2018 at 17:35

    Chase forward and don’t look back

  35. Anne-Marie 19/11/2018 at 13:07

    Hi Phil keep going! Looking forward to the next update 😎

  36. Glen Le Cheminant 19/11/2018 at 12:21

    Keep the pressure on Phil, its been great following this Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe. Nice to see a Channel Islander making the most of our nautical heritage! I admire anyone who participates in these events and racing as hard as you can. Great stuff and best of luck over your last 250 miles.

    Cheers Glen

  37. Ana 19/11/2018 at 12:11

    Phil you’re doing awesome!! Continue on, GO PHIL GO GO GO

  38. Tom Crill 19/11/2018 at 11:16

    Keep going Phil! It’s been amazing watching your race unfold. You’re nearly there!

  39. Leon Dessoude 19/11/2018 at 11:12

    Well done so far. Good luck for the final push.

  40. Mark Pitschlitz 19/11/2018 at 10:40

    Hang in there Phil you’re doing an outstanding job, I’ve been watching and following you since day one. Fair winds and safe sailing mate, good luck for the rest of the race.
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  41. Jean Groenewald 19/11/2018 at 10:20

    YOU CAN DOOOOO IIIIIT come on Phil

  42. Ben 19/11/2018 at 09:59

    Phil, an absolutely awesome performance, unbelievable, keep it going, we are all tracking you here day and night, you can catch him!!!

  43. Cherylene 19/11/2018 at 09:52

    Hi Phil, Roy and I are following your progress throughout the day. As the last few hundred miles are eaten up so the excitement builds. Wherever you come will be great. With you all the way. Keep up the good work. Roy and Cherylene Le Brun Jersey

  44. David Sandeman 19/11/2018 at 09:32

    Hi Phil
    I am wearing out the refresh button on my computer pressing it so often to see how you are doing!!. Truly amazing your race so far. Praying your lead on Aina holds to the end and you take some mileage out of Veedol.


  45. Anonymous 19/11/2018 at 09:20

    G’day, Phil, Veedol can’t afford look back with you in the chase. Excel;lent sailing … really gripping viewing!!! Go, go, Phil!

  46. Michael Adams 19/11/2018 at 07:51

    good wishes from a friend of Jamie Butterworth. I’m running an ocean finance initiative – we’d love to hear your stories when you return to Europe! Bravo, Michael

  47. Lyall 19/11/2018 at 06:13

    Aloha from Hawaii, we are watching this finish closely. Awesome sailing and awesome promotion of zero emissions. Go Phil!

  48. Carolyn 19/11/2018 at 05:31

    Hi Phil!! You’re doing brilliantly!! it must be getting even more tough by now with the adding up of not much sleep and the constant breath of Aina!! you are doing SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! Keep pushing on and on and on!! not far to go now!!! I didn’t know we could message you here, so sorry about that!! here we are better late than never! I am so proud of you for pushing through all that weather and coming through, strong, determined, positive, happy and with high spirits!! the girls are good and say hi uncle phil!! we had a massive fire in our back yard today which was wonderful… obviously made me think of you and your massive piles… go big or go home…. snow is coming here and we are excited for skiing!!.. I wish so much I could make it to the finish line, but it is just not possible right now. Tons of new news to tell you when we have a chance to catch up!… anyway,.. keep on being brilliant and strong and determined and positive and keep Aina in your wake!!! I’ll message you here now instead of Facebook as Becky says you get these directly…. GO UNCLE PHIL, GO UNCLE PHIL, GO UNCLE PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly with the fish!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Hugues 18/11/2018 at 21:46

    Good evening Phil, your doing great well done mate! Love the way your fighting back!! Please keep going you can do this DO NOT GIVE IN!!
    You will win this!!! Here in Valencia it keeps on raining so enjoy the sun! Went riding today up the mountain, same route we rode together when you were over a few years ago, got soaked! Be safe and sail hard, make sure you eat and sleep.

  50. Matt 18/11/2018 at 21:00

    Really tough and 2nd. Well done. Best wishes Haslar Happy Hour Yacht Club. Gives us something to be proud of.

  51. richard plane 18/11/2018 at 18:54

    Fantastic race ! F and I glued to the screen here day and night. We are really rooting for you !

    Keep it up and keep going hard !


  52. Alan 18/11/2018 at 18:10

    Cheering for you from Ecuador… keep up the great ENERGY!

  53. Leo V 18/11/2018 at 10:39

    Goodmooooorning Atlantic,
    push hard when small spi is needed, Chappie repaired his one the 14th.
    Kick ass,

  54. Graham Steel 18/11/2018 at 10:16

    Great race Phil go go go!

  55. Sidney Bernstein 17/11/2018 at 11:39

    Keep going mate. You’re doing amazing! We’re cheering you all the way!

  56. annabel godfray 17/11/2018 at 11:22

    Truly avvesome.

  57. Anaise I Po ko Two Ta - Il est encore temps Guadeloupe 16/11/2018 at 17:50

    Bonjour Phil! keep it up, you are doing great. We are waiting for you in Guadeloupe! We can’t wait to warmly welcomed you!
    @ilestencoretemps Guadeloupe.

  58. Anaise I Po ko Two Ta - Il est encore temps Guadeloupe 16/11/2018 at 17:48

    Hi Phil, keep it up, you’re doing great. We are waiting for you in Guadeloupe! Go-go – Go , Phil!!! With you all the way.
    @ilestencoretemps Guadeloupe.

    We can’t wait to warmly welcomed you!

  59. Hugues 16/11/2018 at 17:46

    Good afternoon mate, it’s still raining here in Valencia …. Its been great to follow your prigress over the last 24 hours, great tactics on your side to compete amongst these faster boats. Your doing great keep at it and the opportunity will appear. By now you must have heard about Alex hitting rocks getting close to 60 miles from Pointe a Pitre, it will probably cosr him the race. Make sure you get some rest and keep an eye on the charts. Take care and be safe we are all watching with excitement!!

  60. Anonymous 16/11/2018 at 12:13

    Hi Phil, keep it up, you’re doing great. I won’t say anything about pulling a certain animal out of the hat! Go-go, Phil!!! With you all the way.

  61. Anonymous 15/11/2018 at 13:30

    The challenges continue Phil and, as usual, you’re giving each one your very best shot. How you keep going in these adverse circumstances is a mystery to me and many others, but “keep going” you do. Long may that resolve be with you until you cross the line !!
    We’re with you every inch of the way and sending good positive vibes. The whisky will be helping ! AP

  62. Lee Miller 15/11/2018 at 12:21

    Keep it going Phil hang in there

    From Guernsey

  63. Aaron Le Cornu 15/11/2018 at 10:03

    Great work Phil in getting yourself into such a strong position and reeling in Veedol – you’ve got him in your sights! You have to be a man of many talents to cope with all the challenges thrown at you but if anyone can do it, you can. Good to know Duct tape and Sikaflex has done the job and good luck mending the main sail. Enjoy surfing those waves!

  64. Jackie Blewett 15/11/2018 at 08:24

    This is so exciting Phil. First thing we do each morning (and throughout the day) is check your position. You’re doing some awesome sailing and we’re loving following you. We’re behind you all the way and thinking of you. Stay safe. Hope you get some rest. Naughty auto pilot.

  65. Hugues 15/11/2018 at 08:19

    Good Mornjng Phil, you had a great night and sailed over 270 miles in the last 24 hours. Your gaining on Veedol only 72 miles from you and creating more space with Aina who is now 57 miles behind you and blew up his Kite yesterday. Most of all your faster than anyone out there! Here in Valencia it’s raining and getting colder but still pleasant though, nothing like what your experiencing out there. JL and his wife spent the weekend with us and we were talking a lot about your next project we are all excited and commited to getting you a bigger boat for a longer race! Keep going like this mate and you will win it!! Be safe and take care!

  66. Ade 15/11/2018 at 07:11

    Never heard of you before but in following Alex T (who’s smashing it at present – metaphorically not literally) and Ned Collier, your name cropped up, and I see you’re doing bloody well mate. Only 70nm behind Yoann. I’ll be watching you closely and hoping you can get in there at the finish. Plenty of time to overhaul. Good luck.

  67. Hender Blewett 15/11/2018 at 00:17

    Hi Mate,
    Burn baby burn – Disco Inferno. Looks like you have Imerys right in the groove. Thats all Im going say tonight. H

  68. Tomaz Vernik 14/11/2018 at 23:15

    You are giving me such joy right now when I am following your progress.
    Keep up the good spirits.
    We all know what you are made of!

  69. Alfredo Castelló 14/11/2018 at 22:18

    Go mate! All the best on this endeavour.

  70. Juliette Walton 14/11/2018 at 17:55

    Hey Phil, you are doing an awesome job out there. Keep the flag flying for Jersey. You can do it!
    Hobie dragoon’s

  71. Jaws 14/11/2018 at 16:23

    You going to need a bigger boat:)

  72. RCIYC 14/11/2018 at 11:06

    Huge respect Phil, we have been watching your progress since the start, great to see you are in such a good position. Downwind surfing the Atlantic swells must be awesome! Keep powering through – you are an inspiration to all us young sailors.

    RCIYC Cadet Squad.

  73. Tom Avery 14/11/2018 at 10:37

    Morning Maximus!

    Awesome bit of sailing getting that wind… you can do it pal

    Was in Edinburgh with John Maxwell the former Imerys guy sends very best.

    Luke’s Class 5H are right behind you, 1st thing they check in the morning so much excitement.

    Hold the wind and stay safe



  74. Hugues 14/11/2018 at 09:02

    Good morning Phil, great to see you back in 2nd place this morning and that you have regained a good 30 miles on Veedol. Your navigation strategy has and is paying off as you are still faster. Keep going mate your doing a fantastic race, we are all super proud of you! Make sure you eat properly and try to sleep, as you still have a few critical days ahead of you. The finish will be amazing I am sure!!

  75. Yvonne Winspear 14/11/2018 at 02:39

    Hey Phil. Travelling in Rajasthan at the momentbut still keeping an eye on your progress. Wishing you luck and the best wind wherever your boat goes.

  76. Hender Blewett 14/11/2018 at 00:30

    Hi Mate, you have had a brilliant 24hr. Your focus and efforts are paying off. You even have Sidney Gavignet to reel in ahead of you. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Go get him! Its 23:22 here just opened at tin of rice pudding, I’m going to eat it cold straight out of the tin. I hope you are checking everything regularly on the trusty bath tub. When and if you get your pilot working iI reckon it will be time for a spring clean, proper spruce up down below. A tidy desk is a tidy mind. Have you seen any turtles yet ? H

  77. Joy Elvin 13/11/2018 at 13:53

    Hi Phil, Can’t believe your sailing with more equipment failure, and a big one again! Hope that you can get into a rhythm of sleep and sailing as your dynamics have changed. Also interested to see you take a more southerly route. Seems like a good plan as your currently faster. Fair winds and be safe. Joy, Andy and family, RI, USA.

  78. Hugues Jacquemin 13/11/2018 at 13:50

    Good afternoon Phil, just finished lunch here in Valencia and had Sushi! Did you get any flying fish yet? There should be plenty where you are! We are glad to see you’re enjoying the Atlantic swell and surfing down waves, it is cool especially with your Mach 2. Interesting route your taking, it appears your faster than the others and should have a better crossing later! Anything to beat the other boats although newer and faster, your the best sailor out there! Enjoy the next few days, sail fast and be safe!! Take care mate! Remember to get some sleep ;).

  79. Rich 13/11/2018 at 12:51

    Hi Phil, keep at it – surfing those waves of the Atlantic might be fun but get some rest when you can. Keeping the clean dream alive all the way to Guadalupe !

    Go well,
    Rich B

  80. REG 12/11/2018 at 17:06

    Good luck Phil! The Renewable Energy Group team is wishing you all the best from the US!

  81. Leo V 12/11/2018 at 13:02

    Go for it Phil, damn autopilots going wonky. If you get a podium that would be amazing against the new ones.
    Cheers LeoV
    Old mini days guy 🙂

  82. Philip Coutanche 12/11/2018 at 12:43

    Fantastic stuff Phil. Rooting for you all the way. Good luck and great sailing.

  83. Hugues Jacquemin 12/11/2018 at 11:59

    Good morning Phil, we have been following the race with the tracker and cheering on for you on your amazing performance!! You may know this by now but Francis Joyon took Line ho ours today and beat Gabart to the finish after being second fir most of the race chasing him. He did so with a much older generation boat and leveraged his experience and skills to win! I see you exactly I’m the same light and know that your fighting as hard as you can to win this! Please know that we are all with you!!! Take care mate and be safe!!

  84. Hender Blewett 11/11/2018 at 10:02

    Morning Phil,
    Excellent efforts mate through the night, keep reeling him in. I’m eating porridge here this morning in my Crocs in your honour. Hender

  85. Mike Stevens 11/11/2018 at 08:10

    Keep up the good work, keep safe and let’s see you in front at the end. let’s see Jersey on the map again.

  86. Bill Harris 10/11/2018 at 11:53

    Hi Phil, great to see you into much better weather. You must be itching to get the Crocs out, if that’s not already done. Enjoy the kindly trade winds and the long run to the finish. We’re all rooting for you. Bon vent and very best wishes, Bill

  87. Pamela Sharp 10/11/2018 at 10:48

    HI Phil Usual nail biting stuff going on ! Cant believe the challenging conditions you faced so early in the race but, as ever, overcome by your determination and fortitude. Keep giving that first position sailor some concerns about your challenge, and keep safe as you make your way closer to his transom. Watching you all the way and wishing you easier seas, fair fast winds and some sleep !! Keep smiling APam

  88. Nick Wood 09/11/2018 at 21:28


    You are doing a great job Phil, Keep it going.
    following the race back here in Sssex after the weekend in St Malo.

    I was a mate of ian muslow ( back in the day ! 2006 ???) when you won + Ian was 3rd i think,
    Push hard but don’t break it !

    Bon Vent

    Nick Wood

  89. Troy Shoen 09/11/2018 at 15:31

    Hey Phil, Renewable Energy Group is enjoying following your progress and success. We are proud to have provided the renewable fuel. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration.

  90. 5H 09/11/2018 at 09:47

    Bonjour Phil! Nous esperons que vous avez un bon voyage. Nous avons aimé regarder votre bateau dans la course. Bonne chance!

  91. Tod Yankee 09/11/2018 at 07:05

    Keep it rolling! Great job. Maybe you will be able to dry off and warm up a bit.

  92. Leonie Baker 09/11/2018 at 04:45

    Phil, you’re putting my lack of sleep to shame! You’re doing so well, keep it up – lots of great material for non-fiction storytime for Eliza! She is (and I am) looking forward to the next instalment! Love Leonie

  93. Anna 09/11/2018 at 01:26

    Go Phil! What an incredible challenge. You are doing so well. Good luck!!!! Anna

  94. Hugues 08/11/2018 at 23:38

    So today I ran a few miles and swam 2K. My training is starting to ramp up again as I get ready for next years challenges. Was thinking of you as I was swimming hard, just amazing what you are doing and I fully appreciate how tough it must be but at the same time how great it is to do what you love most! And you have trained for this! Look how far you have come and how much further you will go! You are in top shape and with best mental and physical strength to tackle this race just like I was in Burgos a bit more han a month ago. So chin up and go kick some ass!!! We are all watching and super proud of being your fans!!

  95. Anonymous 08/11/2018 at 21:18

    Hey Phil, many congratulations on your progress, to date, we can only imagine what you’ve been through since the heady days of the RdR Village. To see you snapping at Veedol AIC’s heels speaks volumes.for what you have achieved and your competitive edge. Amazing stuff, stay safe, fair winds, sunshine and calmer seas lie ahead. Go go, Phil!

  96. Juliet 08/11/2018 at 21:06

    Full of admiration and awe , unbelievable challenge. Stay safe and all the very best! Amazing! Juliet and Mark x x

  97. Michel en Marleen Kleinjans from belgium 08/11/2018 at 20:39


  98. Justine 08/11/2018 at 19:43

    Bon courage Phil ! Stay safe ! Je suis ta progression depuis Buenos Aires : )

  99. Sally and Simon 08/11/2018 at 17:07

    Wet and weary but focused and fighting hard, you’re doing really well Phil . We’re following you all the way and with you in spirit , really proud of your performance in such difficult seas. You’re a legend! xx⛵️

  100. Charlotte 08/11/2018 at 16:42

    Go Phil !
    Le coworking du Bastion à La Rochelle suit tes aventures et est derrière toi !
    Bon courage ! Good luck !

  101. Ana Lukanc 08/11/2018 at 16:37

    Phiiiiil, you go and stay strong… Sending you good vibes and keep up the good work, champ! Looking forward to seeing the celebratory pics…

  102. Tony Curr 08/11/2018 at 16:30

    Keep it up, Phil! Been checking the tracker constantly this week. Fascinating to see the race develop – not sure if that’s the word you’d use though! All the best for next few days. Tony

  103. Hender 08/11/2018 at 14:08

    Hi Phil,
    Hugely impressive efforts once again Sharpy. You are really nicely positioned for the next few days for the next beat. Get plenty of hot Earl Grey into your system for the next 24 hrs ahead and enjoy surfing down the back of those waves. Poppy and Imogen are following you intensely before school at 8am each morning wishing you the best of luck and bundles. Hender, Jackie, Poppy and Imogen.

  104. Hugues 08/11/2018 at 11:29

    Super job mate!! Keep it up the sunshine is on the other side and you will be sailing in the anticyclone of the Azore!! Be safe and fast you can win this and we are all watching and cheering on! Bon vent

  105. John Sharp 08/11/2018 at 09:55

    Dad here! Good Morning!
    Congratulations on managing to sail through extremely difficult sea states and heavy weather with relentless progress. Brilliant strategy and resolve as always. Takes me back to our mountainous sail to Bajona but that was only downwind! I am sure you are very low on sleep…hopefully you will very soon break out into smother conditions and kinder sea states where you can put both feet and head down.
    Brilliant stuff as always!
    Stay safe (and fast) Dad XXxx

  106. Anne-Charlène LECLERCQ 08/11/2018 at 00:51

    Keep up the good work Phil!
    Jean Jaurès Secondary School (BAILLIF, GUADELOUPE) is behind you!
    We are so proud!

    Year 9 students and their English teacher

  107. Jaimee & Claire 07/11/2018 at 23:01

    Hi Phil!
    You are doing incredibly ! Keep up the amazing work!! We are following you all the way
    Jaimee & Claire
    Jersey CI

  108. DUFLO Jacqueline 07/11/2018 at 22:49


    We are following you and you have progressed well in spite of the bad weather. You are doing an amazing job! Keep going and you will lead the race. We are sure you can win. we wish you luck

    Eunice and Erika (302)
    collège Appel du 18 juin
    Lamentin Guadeloupe

  109. DUFLO Jacqueline 07/11/2018 at 22:22

    Good luck Phil.! Be confident because you can do it! We are with you! You are doing well so Keep up the good work.

    The pupils of 305
    Collège Appel du 18 juin
    Lamentin Guadeloupe

  110. Mark Hield 07/11/2018 at 20:28

    Second place and miles gained, brilliant performance today, keep it going and sail safe Mark.

  111. David Krizek 07/11/2018 at 11:14

    Good luck Phil! I know that You have many problems, but You are Iron Man. You can do it. Good Luck!!!

  112. McCann 06/11/2018 at 22:50

    Hi Phil,
    A great start despite the halyard. Saw your boat in St Malo . Good luck and a safe journey and we look forward to your victorious finish.Danny and Liz ,St Mary Jersey

  113. Brian and Pam 06/11/2018 at 17:02

    Great to see that PS resourcefulness at work again! We are following you closely and wish you a safe and successful race and a speedy return to calmer comditions

  114. Claire Turner 06/11/2018 at 12:57

    Praying for you Phil so many things going wrong one after the other
    And praying for your safety at sea may you have great wisdom

  115. Jonnard pierre 06/11/2018 at 12:01

    We all hope things will be better now
    All the best
    Pierre jonnard

  116. Aaron Le Cornu 06/11/2018 at 11:59

    Just read your update report. Well done on fixing the challenges thrown at you this far. Good luck for the rest of the race and may the weather gods be kind to you. You have all our support!

  117. Bob & Sue de la Haye 06/11/2018 at 11:36

    Phil wishing you all the luck in the world, have fun we are with you all the way.

    Bob & Sue

  118. Gordon Burgis 05/11/2018 at 15:04

    Go Phil…May the wind and wave gods be with you.
    We are all rooting for you.
    Gordon & Elaine

  119. Peter 05/11/2018 at 14:17

    Keep heading South until the butter melts
    Goid luck
    Peter and Sue

  120. John Nugent 05/11/2018 at 13:03

    Good luck Phil ! Hang on on the reaches and nail them on the wind ! Hope the ballast tank holds.
    Following your progress all the way.
    John and Irene Nugent in Jersey.

  121. James 05/11/2018 at 11:37

    Good luck Phil from a fellow old vic. Look forward to following your progress over the next sixteen days. I have kept an eye on your sailing over the past couple of years and draw great inspiration from your commitment and determination. Safety and speed.

  122. Jay Blackmore 05/11/2018 at 08:36

    Best luck & Kick Ass, Phil, We’re watching you from Nelson BC

    Jay (A friend of your Sis)

  123. Nick 04/11/2018 at 16:26

    Just watched the start and wishing you all the very best for this race from a former regular Hamble racer now living in Vancouver. Go get those so-called faster Class 40s! Will be watching your progress avidly on the tracker and looking forward to your usual enthusiastic and informative FB updates. Fair winds!

  124. Tina Groizard 04/11/2018 at 12:23

    Good Luck Phil – and a safe journey and return – We are with you all the way

    Yr ol’ nanny Tina…..!

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