Phil Sharp Racing’s Energy Challenge has partnered with Hydrogenics, a  global leader in developing and implementing hydrogen systems. Hydrogenics is supplying the advanced fuel cell technology that will be pivotal in fulfilling the Challenge’s goal of circumnavigating the globe, non-stop, without emissions.

The Challenge is mid-development of a self-sufficient, CO2-free clean energy system, offering a lighter solution with greater energy security and reliability compared to traditional diesel generators currently used across the boating sector. Hydrogenics will be supplying its advanced fuel cell modules to the system ensuring a safe, sustainable, and hydrogen-powered solution.

Phil Sharp, Skipper and Technical Director of the Energy Challenge commented, “The Energy Challenge is very excited to partner with Hydrogenics as we believe their advanced clean-power technologies provide the ideal solution for high energy storage, and can replace the need for finite fuels on board. Importantly, they share our vision of decarbonising the boating sector and will be crucial for the development of a reliable demonstrator that can hopefully kick-start the necessary transition to renewable power.”

Last year’s Climate Change Conference in Paris highlighted the urgency for the transport sector to replace fossil fuel technology with clean solutions. A unique goal of the Challenge is to demonstrate the performance advantages of clean technologies through a competitive project in offshore sailing. To date, no vessel has completed a non-stop circumnavigation of the globe without using or carrying fossil fuels. The Challenge aims to be the first to achieve this with a zero emissions entry in the 2018 Barcelona World Race that will provide the ultimate demonstration for a new concept in marine power.

Daryl Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Hydrogenics commented, “Offshore sailing provides a unique opportunity for us to demonstrate our robust technology in a highly demanding environment. Hydrogenics’ fuel cells are designed to perform in both extreme weather conditions and extreme performance applications, including aerospace and underwater technologies.

“Being selected as a preferred Technology Partner for Phil Sharp’s Energy Challenge in an environment where safety and reliability not only means the difference between victory and defeat but are also absolutely critical to the solo sailor’s own personal safety, is testament to Hydrogenics’ reputation and the maturity of our products being up to the challenge in any environment.

“The partnership with Phil Sharp represents Hydrogenics’ ongoing commitment to being leaders in sustainable technology. Our world-class hydrogen fuel cells produce zero greenhouse emissions and exceed expectations for reliability, durability and efficiency.”