“Hour 54 and I’ve finally got my sea-legs. I always knew I was going to be seasick but wished it had passed a little quicker. The good news is I wasn’t actually sick so maybe I am getting better at it. I just felt useless and unable to make most of this incredible adventure.

Right now we’re just off Skye and passing all the islands I swam past when I swam Britain. It’s been two years since then but it feels like yesterday having to get in the freezing cold water each and every day.

After I finished the swim I fell in love with the ocean and all things water. I even bought an old WW2 RAF Gunboat which I now live on. Spending the last 2 days at sea has made me realise how amazing the British coastline is and how much, now that the sea sickness has gone, I love being at sea.

Right, Phil needs me to do something with repairing a sail that’s downstairs. Still haven’t worked out the lingo yet.

Over and Out