Team Meteorologist Jure Jerman updates on the race:

“There is an old doldrums passage rule: You should be the most western boat in the fleet. We will look for the explanation for that (and why this rule sometimes doesn’t apply) in tomorrow’s update when the leading Class 40 boats will be already at the entrance to these somewhat dreaded doldrums.

“The leading pack has passed the wind shadow of Santo Antao – Pablo and Phil managed to get into a tight lead already before entering the dangerous zone. I am saying dangerous because you never know what is going to happen there: there could be more wind just close to the island (extremely risky!), or you could be left parked in a no wind zone for a while… This time it seems that there was just slightly less wind and oscillation in the wind direction. However, soon they will be completely free of the Cape Verdes and heading straight for the next tricky part: approaching Doldrums.

“It seems that Phil and Pablo are determined to defend their most western position, while V&B have decided to sail faster for now, meaning that they will enter the doldrums slightly more to the east. They can sail slightly faster now because of a tighter wind angle and I would not be surprised to see them on (temporary) leading position in next 24 hours.  It seems that all three leading boats are very similar in speed, so it is going to be all about the details!

“It will be an interesting game to watch. A bit of luck is always needed so keep your fingers crossed for Phil and Pablo! Cheers, Jure”

14.11.17, 14:30 UTC