It’s been an incredible few days for Phil and Pablo, outshining the fleet by achieving a strong lead in almost inhospitable seas. Stripped of both weather data and the moral boosting comfort of a working cooking stove, the duo have battled against waves up to 8 metres, gale force winds, and violent gusts – achieving a 41nm advantage during the night.

Continuing the drag race down south Phil and Pablo have left the Canaries behind them and are finally being rewarded with stable down-wind conditions. “It’s difficult to explain just how mad the last few days have been – pretty much a combination of insane and exhilarating! Both Pablo and I are on top form, we’re pushing the boat very hard, and things are warming up – today I even removed my mid-layer! We’re really looking forward to a nice down-wind ride to the Cape Verdes, and being able to relax without thinking something may break!” Phil.