Just in from Imerys Clean Energy

Position: 2nd / Distance to finish: 1,478 nm

“We have just come out of a night of upwind sailing in a very overcast and grey Celtic sea, playing the shifts as we battle against headwinds trying to seek out any advantage on Corum. As it happened we took different strategies, but it all came together early this morning on different tacks, with exactly the same distance as before… evidently it will be hard to shake them off! Particularly today where we will have quite strong beam reaching conditions which is the Mach 3’s sweet spot. We will be saving our energy instead for tonight as we approach the depression, and then the strong downwind forecast for NW of Ireland. Here the sailing will start getting really fast!

“We had a visit from a snipe last night, the long thin fish with the sharp beaks – which wanted a bit of Class 40 action and jumped on  board. Funnily enough we didn’t have any takers – everyone preferred to eat the tuna sandwiches onboard, so luckily for him he got returned to the water.

“Today will be about damage minimisation against Corum, and then we are all looking forward to reaching SW corner of island and getting a spinnaker up! – Phil”