Imerys Clean Energy

The only zero emissions Class 40 race boat

Imerys Clean Energy

The only zero emissions Class 40 race boat

Class 40

Transatlantic Race Boat
2016 – 2018

Route du Rhum Clean Technologies


B-100: Bio-diesel is an advanced biofuel that is renewable and bio-degradable. The advanced biofuel on board has been created with Imerys filtration in its purification process. This fuel substitutes conventional fossil diesel, which generates power for manoeuvring in and out of port, and for backup power when racing.

PV Solar

1.2 KW: Cutting-edge low weight solar PV developed jointly between Energy Challenge and SunPower, incorporating high traction Imerys abrasive minerals that provide a safe, protective non-skid surface. This is Imerys Clean Energy’s primary source of renewable energy.


A hydro-turbine used to generate power through the relative speed of the boat through the water. It captures high power at typically >10 knots, but at the expense of drag, and compliments solar as the boat’s secondary source of unlimited renewable power.

Boat Facts

  • Race Class: Class 40

  • Sail Number: GBR 130

  • Year of Launch: 2013

  • Architect: Sam Manuard

  • Boat Constructor: JPS

  • Length: 40 feet

  • Width: 4.5 metres

  • Preparation Port: Port de Plaisance de la Rochelle


  • 2018 & 2017 Class 40 Championship Winner

  • Winner of 2018 & 2017 European Trophy

  • Only zero emissions Class 40 in 2018 and 2017 Championship

  • Outright monohull Around Britain and Ireland Record (9.03kts avg.)

  • Outright monohull Cowes-Dinard Record (15.25kts avg.)


Round-World Race Boat
2019 – 2025


  • The fastest ocean going monohulls at the cutting edge of offshore race engineering

  • The latest developments in hydrofoil technology, composite materials and clean energy technology

  • Achieving over 900 km in 24 hours

  • Optimised for round the world races; the Vendée Globe and Barcelona World Race

Boat Facts

  • Non-stop round-world record: 74 days

  • 24 Hour Record: 994 km

  • Top Speed: 70 km/h

  • 60 Foot Long

  • 600 M2 Downwind Sail Area