Phil’s successes in a high risk and fast-changing environment have led to highly demonstrable and inspirational lessons applicable to the modern corporate world that can be communicated effectively through both CPD and client entertainment talks.

Corporate Speaking Themes

Inspirational speeches focus on key race experiences and can be tailored to specifically emphasise themes within the business development areas including

  • Leadership conferences and development workshops

  • Sales conferences

  • Team development sessions and conferences

  • Client engagement events

  • Management team meetings

  • Company values / culture launches

Keynote talks are typically included in the following development areas:

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Decision making & risk awareness

  • Self-awareness & self-management

  • Leadership & management

  • Situational awareness

“No matter what it takes to succeed he will be able to deliver. And it’s not just sheer will and talent, skills and preparedness that make the difference. Phil Sharp also airs this positivity and seemingly endless energy only true champions have. He is the one you can always count on.”

Chief Editor of Yacht, 2019

“His results to date have earned him a place in the premier league, one of the most respected sailors on the circuit as well as one of the kings of the Class 40. So for Sharp the next step is obvious: the Vendée Globe.”

Seahorse Magazine, January 2019

“Sharp’s reaction to the mainsail crisis, which would have undoubtedly aborted the race of lesser skipper, encapsulates his conduct throughout the entirety of the race: courageous, innovative, relentless.”

The Telegraph, June 2016