In from Phil aboard Imerys Clean Energy – 1100hrs CET

Position: 2nd 

“I am making about 17 or 18 knots of boat speed, and another little front came in a while ago so it is pretty fast. Aina has just passed in front of me just on the other gybe. I expect this will go on to the finish line. Every time we race each other we go right to the wire. He has a very fast boat, is a good skipper and knows the boat very well.

“It’s been pretty tough trying to get the boat to the speeds of the Mach 3 (Aina) in the conditions we’ve had over the last couple of days. I’ve been trying a few different tactics to bypass this, it’s more work, very frustrating at times, but it’s a race and I have to fight.

“I think it will be a close finish, but we will see, I really would like to put some miles on her before Guadeloupe. In reality it might not go that way but it is a good battle.

“At the moment I have not really looked at the ETA and what it will be like going around the island. I am looking to keep the boat upright and getting some sleep. There is a lot to manage. I am trying to decide how to play the next 24 hours and then after it will be about Guadeloupe, but to be honest it will be tomorrow before it really concerns me and I will look at it in detail… Phil”