A message from Phil…

“It’s 13:00 and we are now 4 hours into the record attempt and about 40 miles North of Lands End. Currently averaging over 11 knots in a F5-6, with full main and Code 0. Reaching speeds of 15 kts on the surf!

The wind gusty and changing fast – in fact just had to run on deck to change sails as I write this as wind just came right up with some dark and threatening clouds nearly touching the water.

We’ve been kept very busy so far, and the going has been uncomfortable with a rough seaway, and things are very wet, but spirits are high! Sean has been helping with the sail changes has surprised us with the offering of some overly classy foods he smuggled onto the boat – such as strawberries – something I have never seen offshore before.  Alex is currently trimming and helming and has already made a fine cup of tea.  And I have been doing a little bit of getting very wet on the foredeck.

Expecting the wind to drop slowly throughout the afternoon, as the wind tonight looks to be light in a ridge of high pressure ahead of a new low arriving to the West. The forecast seems to be getting more and more complicated so we are going to be kept busy I think!