Phil Sharp updates from aboard Imerys Clean Energy

Position: 3rd

“Imerys Clean Energy went really well in last night’s stronger breeze. Yesterday I actually saw Aina before he too gybed – a white spec on the horizon, about 6 miles NE of me.

“Since entering the trade winds yesterday I have spent a lot of time on the helm as the spare pilot is not performing that well, and actually, it has been very refreshing. I am really enjoying surfing down the long Atlantic swells, which I am finding super addictive and am having trouble leaving for rest!

“My objective is to try and be in slightly stronger breeze than the others, and continue to have an edge on speed, and then at some point gybe back on the more favourable west direction.

“On the supplies front, cereal and porridge stocks are diminishing quicker than expected, must be due to all these long and sleepless nights…Phil.”