Timing is everything.

Getting the boat to the start line has really been a logistical challenge due to variable weather windows, with new depressions rushing in throughout the next few days. Phil had to leave Gosport for Falmouth on Thursday to avoid big storms offshore.

After typical diesel engine problems, he finally left Gosport at 15:30, some 11 hours later, where his original intention was to depart at 4am to miss tricky conditions offshore. Phil continued sailing on through the night to Falmouth. At gone midnight he reported conditions were rather uncomfortable – to say the least! He knew the conditions would be tough as the seas were rough!

He is alone due to the logistics of the weather changing, but is taking full advantage of immersing himself into solo offshore sailing in good preparation for the Record. There was nothing but strong winds and rain in Gosport last night, Phil went offshore to catch some stronger winds to make good progress to Falmouth in good time for a Record departure weather window in the next few days.

After just 20 mins sleep last night, Phil is feeling drained.  He reported a tough and relentless slog. For the first part the wind picked up much faster than forecast, which he said was quite alarming, reaching 38 knots. He went down to 3rd reef and could only jibe on this setting!

The wind is still mixing between force 4-7, currently on 26 knots. It looks like he will be arriving in Falmouth around 7pm tonight… and it’s not going to be easy, he will be sailing directly upwind…

You can check Phil’s geographical status on his tracker here