Just in from Sam aboard Imerys Clean Energy

Position: 1st / Distance to finish: 506 nm

“After passing Muckle Flugga yesterday evening I, for some reason had a sense that we were on the home straight, but in reality this isn’t true at all. A lot can happen even in a short space of time.

“It has been awesome to team up with such a good group of guys, we are pushing so hard, but at the same time making sure we have as much fun as possible, which makes it all the more easier to work even harder.“Last night the North Sea lived up to its notorious name providing freezing cold water and a short, sharp sea state, it was without a doubt the wettest night yet on board.

“The biggest challenge coming up is on the navigation side, as I sit here now looking at the long list of no go areas it almost looks like a maze to the straits of Dover, and gas and oil platforms are appearing in front of us, a true sign you are in the North Sea. We can’t and we won’t rest until we cross that finish line! – Sam”