As of 09:45 (UTC+1) today 64 of the original 123 skippers are currently racing. Most making pit-stop repairs or sheltering from the conditions, whilst some have been forced to retire. For Phil currently racing in 3rd place and with 2,920 nm to go – the race has barely begun.

Team meteorologist Jure Jerman reports: “Today’s battle is set to be very interesting. They will pass through another trough in the next few hours and sail upwind in 30kts gusting 40kts. Later the wind is expected to drop slightly, but return in the night reaching up to 40kts.

“All in all I am happy that Phil is back in the game after the initial problems, 40 miles to catch up is doable with Phil’s determination, and it’s going to be windy and tough for another two days – conditions he excels in. – Jure”