19:00 on 13.05.16

Phil reports on the incidents

“The last couple of days have been tough, with consistently nasty and demanding weather, and more yet to come. I haven’t had time to eat, sleep, or navigate, though at the moment sailing is pretty straight forward, it’s consistently upwind, so in theory, just a couple of tacks and I’m there!”

“It’s incredible how much time is lost in making repairs. Today my jib ripped off and my computer screen broke. I spent the entire day being thrown around inside the boat fixing just my jib, priority 1, computer screen is next on the job list as priority 2! I am dreaming of calmer seas, though the weather files don’t look too kind, it looks like it will be upwind all the way to New York.”

 After a long day of engineering Phil has now regained speed and is expected to complete the final touches to the mended jib later this evening.

Meanwhile Isabelle Joschke on Generali is faced with detrimental structural damage to her boat, and is currently sailing for cover. The boat was sailing on starboard tack in 30 knots of wind when Joschke heard strange noises coming from the portside bow area, forward of the main bulkhead. On inspection, she discovered water coming into the sail locker and quickly rolled her staysail and turned the boat downwind, 180 degrees away from the race heading.

“I am really shocked to hear about Isabelle. It is really tough weather and there are dangers all around. The Transat bakerly is living up to its grueling reputation.”