10:00 on 09.05.16 Phil reports on his overnight gain & penalty advantage

“I’m massively pleased to find out I’ve caught up by over 30nm since last night. Sitting like a duck whilst I lost 1st place was obviously quite a painful process, but I just made the most of the time to better the performance of my boat and had ‘engineering time’. I spent the entire 6 hours making fixes, I found a pin loose in my rudders – that was a pretty lucky find! I also managed to fix my spinnaker pole, which means I don’t have to climb out front, which is obviously quite dangerous. My hydro generator had been playing up, so this also got the fix! All in all ‘engineering time’ was shattering, but with the fixes made, I am a happy guy!”

“When you’re behind, I think it’s really important to continually seek any advantage possible and look for alternative routes, using the transition zones to gain an advantage. Going forward I’ll be taking a slightly different route to the current leaders, in the aim to capture different weather systems that may just give me the edge I need to get back up there.”