With just four days to go until the start of The Transat bakerly race to New York, Phil Sharp and the Energy Challenge team are making the final preparations to the race boat ‘Imerys’. After the Warm Up race to Plymouth last weekend the job list has thinned and the focus has turned to weather routing. Preparing for a transatlantic sailing race involves considerable variables some of which cannot be planned and rely on efficient and direct problem-solving. The continual excitement around an offshore campaign enables partners to engage with a sincere and unique journey focussed on endeavour and determination.

Supporting Sharp’s Energy Challenge and this Class 40 championship of events includes strong involvement from multiple companies on his home island of Jersey. Innovative lending company Asset Leverage Consultants, “ALC”, and Hotel de France a 19th century luxury hotelier have become Corporate Partners of the Energy Challenge.

“As a relatively young and forward looking organisation, we at ALC are always open to unique opportunities with which to be involved. Phil’s latest challenge provides a great platform for us to not only support a local offshore sailor but to also be involved in a true adventure. We’re incredibly proud of Phil and his achievements to date. We hope this next challenge will help him make history!” Ben Thomason, Managing Director of  Asset Leverage Consultants.

Hotel de France of Jersey are excited to host the official race office throughout The Transat bakerly, and hope to communicate the Energy Challenge endeavour to island visitors.

“It’s a great opportunity to support a world class local sportsman who is also a great ambassador for Jersey in what will be a number of extreme challenges using ECO technology”. Commented Robert Parker, Chairman of Hotel de France.

Also supporting the Energy Challenge is market leading offshore law firm Carey Olsen, who have been working closely with Sharp on all legal aspects throughout the project. Carey Olsen values the Energy Challenge objectives, which are centred around innovation and demonstration of clean technology. As a long standing supporter of sailing in the Channel Islands, including the Carey Olsen Inter-Island Yacht Race, Carey Olsen are very happy to be supporting Sharp’s participation in his international sailing challenges.

“We are delighted to support Phil Sharp as he prepares for the start of the 14th Transat bakerly from Plymouth to New York. Phil has the skill and determination to succeed and we are pleased to be supporting his aim of developing renewable energy systems in the boating sector”. Commented, managing partner, Alex Ohlsson.

Jersey Marinas have continued to support Sharp after their successful involvement in the 2006 Route du Rhum race, which concluded with a win.

“I am incredibly grateful to have these Jersey companies on board for what will be an exciting year to share. Each partner has been key to the success of reaching the start line of The Transat bakerly, and I look forward to personally taking their company names on an adventure.” Commented Phil Sharp.

The Transat bakerly starts on 2nd May at 14:30. Follow Phil through the race tracker and social media found in the official website homepage at www.philsharpracing.com.