“It’s 2pm on day 2 of the Length of Britain record attempt and we have just  entered the North Channel off Belfast, 270 mile from the  start. Wow it really is like winter up here at the moment.  We are currently slamming upwind in a strong, uncomfortable NE blow whipping up a lot of spray, which  means life on board is very wet.

Since last night things have been tough, we had the centre of a depression pass right below us, and the wind came up  very fast. We have had to do several quick sail changes to  keep control. This morning we had wind gusting up to 35  knots and some peak surfing speeds of 20 knots, which felt  very fast.

Alex and I are currently alternating shifts on the helm, changing almost every hour otherwise it’s very difficult to  warm afterwards with everything being wet. Sean has just  come off watch and he has shown the impressive ability to fall asleep within about 90 seconds of sitting down inside. He is pretty sleepy with seasickness at the  moment. We are all pretty exhausted and I for one didn’t  manage any sleep last night at all as every time I lay down the wind increased and wet oilies had to get re-donned  for another eventful trip to the foredeck.

The wind is heading us even more so the next few hours are  going to be tricky in order to make good progress up the North Channel. Our next big landmark in our sights is Islay, home of Bruichladdich and the half way point. Our target  is to get there before midnight!