Team Meteorologist Jure Jerman updates on the race:

“The Class 40 fleet are still in the low level jet created by the Azores High. Today and for part of tomorrow they will have easterlies in the range of 28-36 knots (mph) and a large swell (maximum wave height up to 8m). These conditions are very difficult for short-handed crews. Keeping the boat and all the equipment in one piece is extremely important. The leading Class 40s are really close together, so there is no rest for these skippers, especially for Phil and Pablo who have everything to lose lying in 1st place. They will be pushing themselves and their boats to the absolute limits.

“The situation concerning wind and waves will turn slightly better by tomorrow and the boats will begin to slow. The conditions have been unusual with the belt of the strongest trade winds so far to the North. Once the boats reach the latitude of the Canary Islands they will start looking at the Doldrums (at least with one eye).  Hopefully the absence of any meteorological data won’t effect Phil and Pablo too much: it is still more or less drag race, but the situation will change once they start approaching the doldrums – Jure”