Screaming along at full tilt, matching speeds with a cold front, the drag race continues…

Update from Phil and Adrien:

“The crossing has been wild and adrenaline packed! It has been very close racing between the front runners, so the racing is exciting and we are giving every ounce of endurance and pressure that this boat can take!

“We are racing at the same speed as the front (bringing us this wind), which means that we are quite literally in a drag race until it passes. In this fast reaching angle both Aina and Tales II hull shapes are able to reach higher speeds. We are doing all we can to push Imerys to her limits, which at times stalls out the rudders or sends us broaching into the wind! We are quite over-canvased as it is, and would rather finish the race than push Imerys into any damage, but it really is incredible how she is coping – these boats are serious ocean racing machines!

“Things will become more tactical on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when the front overtakes us, so we have to try and be patient…”


{Video update on social media}