Team Meteorologist Jure Jerman updates on the race:

“Yes it is, they decided to reallocate to a NW position in the fleet allowing them to sail faster and crossing the front first.

“The weather reports from the ships were reporting winds of up to 35mph on the warm side of the front (SW) and gusts of over 45mph on the cold side. We can just imagine the state of the sea with cross winds mixed with extremely steep and high waves…

“By this evening the waves will become slightly more organized, but also higher, with the forecast suggesting a maximum wave height of over 10m.

“The leading pack of Class 40 boats (including Pablo and Phil) have just crossed the front with Carac being the first to do so.

“The bad news for Imerys Clean Energy is that they will be in ‘reaching’ mode for the next 24hrs all the way to Finisterre – meaning that boat speed is going to be the most important factor. Tactical decisions will play no role, it will just be about pushing the boat to its limit – Jure”

07.11.17, 10:00 UTC