Update from team meteorologist Jure Jerman:

After Phil and Pablo’s fantastic start to the race leading the entire fleet over the line in first place they have since been in ‘reaching’ mode – a sailing style that the current front running boats (Carac, V&B, Aina) are able to achieve much higher speeds. Phil and Pablo have put up a great fight so far, staying with the pack in their less competitive at ‘reaching’ boat.

The fleet are currently battling through very strong currents and the team have positioned themselves well, going closer to the shore to minimise the impact. By tomorrow morning this situation will change as they enter the south westerly winds and move from ‘reaching’ to sailing ‘upwind’.  The conditions are going to be incredibly tough with 6 metre waves – so no longer will the powerful front running boats have an advantage. The conditions will force the skippers to first think about themselves, their safety and comfort, and ensure the boat stays in one piece before taking care of tactics and strategy. As the fleet enter the cold front winds are expected to build with gusts at over 40mph. Moving up the ranking through this zone will not be about boat speed, but rather boat handling and seamanship.


06.11.17, 11:00 UTC