Position: 1st

“The wind is beginning to get super light and scarily enough Carac does not seem to be that slow in light airs, despite the fat hull shape! They have been better placed offshore with more wind, whilst we are now a bit quicker than Aina and starting to move forward on them again.

“Good news is we have just gybed and are nearly pointing at the Fastnet! ETA around 5 UTC, so hopefully we will be able to get a photo of a lighthouse and not just a light… But it is going to be a long, slow night where tactics and patience will be key!

“The cabin currently stinks of WD40 as the spray can emptied its entire contents in the tool bag, so hope we are not getting too high on the fumes, whatever could be in them ;o)

“We nearly ran over a shark yesterday right next to the boat – Julien saw this big fin and body and watched it dive out of sight right beside the boat. This was moments before we ran full pelt into a lobster pot, which hooked itself firmly on the keel but fortunately I was able to reach the pot and cut it away… no sign of lobster unfortunately! Phil”