Current position: 1st

“We have just rounded Tuskar on Imerys Clean Energy on what was a typically cold and windy early morning in Ireland, but now the spinnaker is up and the sun is out! We honestly could not have asked for better sailing conditions, and this makes a very nice change to the very light and fickle winds over the first couple of days.

“Currently we are gybing down the cost of SE Ireland, and have positioned ourselves a little further offshore of Aina, who is around 8 miles behind us. It is crazy how by just tacking a few minutes later at Land’s End, it has grown into such a margin, but on the other hand 8 miles is still really nothing considering we are only at half race distance and still have another 500 miles to go. This is a long race! It looks like there will be a light downwind transition zone before the Fastnet Rock, so I expect that the others will eat heavily into our lead with the compression we will see.

“Jusqu’au Fastnet! Phil”