Team Meteorologist Jure Jerman updates on the race:

“As hoped (silently expected), Phil and Pablo have proved their impressive skills holding the lead since yesterday afternoon in very difficult conditions.

“The weather is slowly becoming more stable, and the upper air trough has moved towards the East. Currently they are sailing towards the centre of the Azores High, which is positioned further to the North, and here comes the next big decision: where to jibe? Phil and Pablo will have to weigh up a decision to best position themselves in a good sailing angle suitable for #ImerysCleanEnergy without the drawback of less wind. It seems that they will have to make a compromise.

“Today they will face winds from 18-27mph and once they jibe they will start heading towards a region with stronger trade winds.

“With competition not too far away, it’s going to be interesting to watch this unfold… Jure”

08.11.17, 10:30 UTC