Just two hours from the finish of what has been an unbearable race to follow. Team #Imerys once again prove their endurance and impressive capabilities by eating away a large chunk of miles overnight – with no accurate wind data!

Phil reports on the latest adventures aboard #Imerys:
“We have Tales II in visual this morning! We sailed our guts out last night and managed to make up six miles on them – now sitting just a few miles behind… Agonisingly close, if only the race was a bit longer!

“This morning we have seen two white whales, and were caught by a fisherman who motored right in front of us, and tangled up two of his lines on our keel! Not ideal…

“We have Faial in site, and amazing views of Pico and Sao Jorge to port!

“ETA around 1000 UTC… lunch and beer in Pete’s Cafe!”