Phil updates from aboard Imerys Clean Energy – just before his sat comms went down (again):

“Through the night we were matching speeds with Aina, who are just to the east of us. We came quite close during the early morning and could see their masthead light, but now they are over 10nm away and out of visual. It’s incredible sailing conditions yet again! Flat water, 15 knots downwind, and it is overcast so not too hot. The cold front we passed west of Brittany a week back seems now like a distant memory.

“I hoped to send you a photo of our visitor – as we disturb shoals of flying fish a cunning fisherman has been circulating our boat.  Unfortunately the bird has been flying around for about an hour and has not yet been successful – in fact the flying fish have out-flown him!  Some interesting aerobatics none the less!

“We’re driving the boat hard in what little wind we have – I think it’s going to be another tough night – time will tell. Phil”

15.11.17, 12:30 UTC