Phil reports from Imerys Clean Energy:

“The battle is raging here at the front of the Class 40 fleet. We are all within a few miles of each other again after 3500 miles of racing, but unfortunately we are no longer leading… Overnight we were reaching in 18-20 knots, and the newer, more powerful generation Mach 3s have been in their element. We have only been able to watch helplessly as they sailed past at a frightening pace.

“Despite pushing Imerys Clean Energy right to the ragged edge, there is nothing we can do in these conditions. We have been counting down the miles to Recife when, hopefully, the wind will move aft and we can match their speeds once more.

“Yesterday the crew of Imerys Clean Energy were very pleased to toast a dram of Bruichladdich to Neptune as we passed through Latitude Zero and into the south. The Classic Laddie sure does taste good even in the tropics, and I’m sure that King Neptune was always impartial to a few drams, and without a doubt preferred some fine scotch over champagne! Phil”

20.11.17, 15:00 UTC