Just in from Phil aboard Imerys Clean Energy

Position: 1st, 34 nm advantage / Distance to finish: 1,138.4 nm

“Conditions are getting quite crazy out here…

“The wind is around 30 knots now and increasing slowly as we pelt towards a front in the low pressure.  We just had a sustained surf of 22 knots which lasted a good 30 seconds with the boat absolutely screaming. This is really the limit for the spinnaker, and we will probably change down soon to the Code 5 furling sail if it gets any winder.

“It was a great feeling last night to take the lead, but sorry to hear that Phor-ty has had to stop earlier today, we were enjoying the battle, and not too sure why Corum have slowed, but fingers crossed they will be up and going very soon.

“In the meantime we have some breathing space, but we are all too aware of how many twists and challenges could lie ahead, so we will continue to race hard and hopefully continue the lead margin just in case we too face problems aboard. Phil”