Pablo updates from aboard Imerys Clean Energy:

“Last night was a difficult one as we sailed through the wind shadow of the Cape Verdes. The wind was light and shifty and it wasn’t until this morning that we were able to access some consistent wind.

“We are starting our approach to the doldrums, which could be a little bit longer than expected due to the lights wind ahead. No longer is the moon shining and we are sailing through a kind of sandy fog, so the nights are long and dark. Apart from that, we can’t ask for much more!

“Life on board is nice, we are happy with our progress so far and there is still a lot to play for – so all in all we are a happy crew on board Imerys Clean Energy!!

“That’s all for now, cheers from the flying fish land; or should I say sea?? – Pablo”

14.11.17, 16:00 UTC

Taken in Normandy Channel Race ©